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Office Park Security Solutions

Controlled entry point business security for a risks environment

Creating an easily comprehensible sense of place where employers, employees and legitimate visitors are able to go about their daily routine without undue fear of crime is a key element of the initiative for commercial developments.

Office parks represent a unique need for security solutions since assets, sensitive data and individuals such as workers and clients, need to be adequately protected and also dissuaded from the possibility of theft, acts of violence, corporate espionage and a range of other risky activities.

BOLWA Security Services provides a secure perimeter defence for the site. The defence forms a controlled access zone in which the entry control points are critical. This ensures that access is only given to legitimate parties, and that perpetrators of damaging activities are held accountable.

Scalable, Bespoke Security for Office Parks

Every office park is different, and comes with its own set of needs, risks and approaches to security. We offer bespoke security guarding services that meet the exact challenges of our clients’ business environment, to ensure that they benefit from a service that works best for them.