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Industrial and Commercial Security Solutions

Reliable on-site security, significant to any Industrial or commercial business operation

In an industrial setting, the human and environmental risks incurred may be particularly critical – equipment must be available at all times to prevent the potentially significant consequences of production coming to a standstill. Valuable equipment and materials in your industrial setting are at risk, especially after production hours, whether you are running a plant, factory, mining operation or construction site.

The specialised nature of these assets and materials, and the high cost of investing in them, calls for a unique approach to site-security.

When opting for services from BOLWA Security Services, your production systems will be protected by a combination of integrated security solutions that leave no undesirable impact on your business activity.

This way, we can integrate additional security measures into your business, seamlessly and without hampering your capacity for productivity.

Services includes

  • Access control and screening

  • Infraction investigation services

  • Mitigating worker unrest

  • Physical guarding solutions for additional security

  • Protecting assets that are on the move

  • Risk assessments facilities

  • Surveillance and screening

  • Vehicle Patrols