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Corporate and Government Security Solutions

Specialized guarding services for high risk buildings, assets and personnel

BOLWA Security Services ensures a safe environment for all public agencies including municipalities, city councils and national government departments. Our company provides government and public sectors with specialized guarding services to facilitate the elevated safety and security standards necessary to safeguarding government buildings, assets and personnel.

Corporate and government security solutions are essential, since these institutions are at a higher risk to danger by their very nature. These institutions house sensitive information that can have ramifications on a national scale if they are compromised.

Compromised security in corporate and government settings can also have a wider-reaching impact on the economy, national safety and even the mechanisms of democracy, making this field of security one of the most important.

BOLWA Security Services is equipped to enhance the levels of security in these types of industries, and do so with integrated security solutions that meet the needs of our clients. Our team of expertly trained, experienced and highly professional security personnel ensure that the facilitation of security measures is done in such a way, as to enhance your processes, instead of hampering them.

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