Retail Guarding


BOLWA Security Services are security experts and we know our responsibilities when it comes to security in retail settings.


Our retail guarding services can help you to reduce your losses and above all provide you, your employees and your customers with a safe shopping environment.


We deliver a quality retail services and work closely with other members of the shopping centre team to create a professional environment, through a highly trained and motivated workforce.


BOLWA Security Services works closely with retail centres to arrive at a bespoke security solution that keeps the centre, its stores and all of its occupants secure.


All of our security professionals are highly trained, experienced, and work with the utmost professionalism when ensuring the safety and security of our retail clients.


Retail Guarding Services Offered by BOLWA

  • Patrolling ship floors;
  • CCTV operation;
  • Customer Relation and security management;
  • Searching and investigating;
  • Detention of suspects;
  • Risk management;
  • Crime prevention;
  • Control of access, and more.

Contact BOLWA Security Services to Ensure Your Security

Any retail centre owner knows that security simply cannot be left to chance. You have a responsibility to your stores and guests to ensure a safe and comfortable shopping experience.


If you would like to know more about our bespoke retail guarding services, be sure to contact a representative from BOLWA Security Services today.