Residential and Golf Estate Security

BOLWA Security Services provides golfing and residential estates with an all-encompassing security solution that assures residents and visitors alike, of the highest levels of safety and security within their comfort spaces.



Residential and golf estates pose a unique security challenge in that their perimeters are vast, visitors are frequent, and on top of that, many people look to these estates to build a comfortable and secure home for themselves.



This means that residential and golf estate security measures need to be both comprehensive, and seamless. This will ensure that your residents and guests feel secure, without feeling like they are being watched at every turn.



BOLWA Security Services offers comprehensive residential and golf estate security solutions designed to inspire safety and comfort in residents while reducing the risk of theft, break-ins, assaults or any other dangerous events from taking place.



With fast response times to call, vigilant guarding schedules and a team of specialised, highly trained and professionally conducted security personnel, our team is able to ensure the security of your estate.




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