Educational Institution Security Services

BOLWA Security Services provides safe environments for all patrons, learners, visitors and faculties; from seminaries to private schools, colleges, campuses and universities.



This is accomplished through an integrated solution incorporating guarding services.



Highly visible security officers are trained in all aspects of the security discipline with strong emphasis on observation, visible guarding and public relations.



The Importance of Security in Educational Institutions


The education industry is charged with the protection of bright young minds, especially in schools. We believe it is the charge of all who are capable, to work towards creating a learning environment that is both safe for students, and unimposing.



Educational institutions concern themselves with particular risks when it comes to security, since those being protected are of a precious nature. Incidents may occur form external sources, or may even rise from students or staff internal to the institution, which is why unwavering vigilance with a friendly face is a requirement for these types of settings.



There are also security concerns pertaining to the institutions themselves, where assets, facilities, staff and sensitive information all need to be kept out of harm’s way.



At the same time, security measures in schools, colleges and universities need to be enacted seamlessly, as to assure students and guests that they are secure, without feeling like their privacy is at risk.



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BOLWA Security Services is made up of a team of highly trained, experienced and professional security officers who understand the responsibility of educational institution security. If you would like to find out more about our offers and services, be sure to contact one of our representatives today.